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PHP, SOAP and Webservices (etc...)


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Hi All,


We've become huuuge Jasper fans in the last few months with the releases of JI and recent iReports and are looking at using it to replace our hand-coded FPDF and PHP stuff to spit out reports. Now, the tricky bit seems to the the letters PHP...


I've seen a few posts on here regarding either the PHP-Java bridge, a piece of JasperConnector code, running a "jasperrunner" on the command line but I've struggled to put a lot of it into practice - I'm not much a programmer, and I've always struggled with languages like C and Java.


I've also seen some talk of using the SOAP module in PHP5, and this seems like a better option for me, but SOAP isn't something I've had much exposure to.


Basically, seeing as I've not had much luck with documentation (although I understand there is some webservices docs due in a few weeks), does anyone have any examples of PHP code that could be used to extract a report, with parameters and returning a PDF, from a JI 1.1.0 repository?


Any help much appreciated - I'm sure I just need an idea of how to approach it and I can run with that!


Many thanks,



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