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Calling Sybase Procedure in Reports Wizard


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I am trying to use Reports Wizard to generate template for a Sybase data source. My query is a Stored Procedure with a single Parameter. This is what I put in the Wizard's SQL query:

exec test_proc $P{cif}


The Wizard generates an error:


SQL problem:

'$' is an invalid money value.


Does anyone know if it is possible at all to use a wizard for stored procedure with paremeter?



My driver settings:





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What I found that works is the following:


1. use '$P!{<parameter>}' instead of $P{<parameter>} for strings and $P!{<parameter>} for non-strings...no clear documentation, but I found it searching the forum.


One word of caution: declare a default value for any parameter so that you can get definitions of any rows returned from the SP; even parameters associated with OUTPUT only SP arguments.


2. For non-parameter values, just


declare @var type

exec <stored_proc> @var


and use it in the normal way on a SP call


I'm not sure if you can set the variable to a value, but it works great for a return value...


Hope this helps

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