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Accessing a fields value via its Key Element name


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I'm putting together a financial report which as you might guess contains a lot of numbers ($ amounts).



Now you can name each textfield (by default: textField-1 .. -2 .. -3 etc. etc.) What I would like to do is have a field that is the sum of a given number of text fields.



The only way I can currently see to do that is to assign every DB field to a variable and then every text field takes its display value from that variable, that way I can then have a textfield that derives its display value from $V{amount1} + $V{amount2} + $V{amount3} but this would mean defining a ‘lot’ of variable fields…..



Is it possible to have a text field who’s display value if derived from textField-1.value() + textField-2.value() + textField-3.value()??



Any insight into accessing a text field’s value via the Key Element name would be greatly appreciated.



Happy Coding



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