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Need help-6 Tables in one report!!! URGENT


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I have a problem and no idea how to solve this problem:


I have a table A, in this table there is for example a field ID in it, which refers on a field ID_firma in table B. Now I don't want to give back the ID in the field, but the name of the firma from this ID.. any ideas how to manage this?


Table A

ID: 1


Table B

ID: 1

Firma: Oleg AG


Result should be:

in table: A Oleg AG ...


Please help me!

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I think that a query might be the solution of your problem.

The query might be like this:


select a.field, b.firma AS FIRMA from a,b




In IReport you could show only $F{FIRMA} and not the key (a.id).


If you prefer you could create a view that shows all the field you need of table a and b.

The sintax is


create or replace view xxx as(

select a.field1 field1,a.field2, a.field3,b.firma

from a, b

where a.id=b.id)

and then you make all the queries on this view.


I hope that this help




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