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Summary fields for group


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I have used the reports wizard and created a grouped report.
. Now I want to add two summary fields to each group: Average(TTD) and Maximum(TTD). Can anybody tell me how this can be done? Or provide a link where I can read about it?
Kind regards - Ulrich
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You have to create a variable for each one calculation and for each group. If for example you have group1 and group2 you need to create AVERAGE_TTD_GROUP1,AVERAGE_TTD_GROUP2,MAXIMUM_GROUP1, MAXIMUM GROUP2.


Configuration of AVERAGE_TTD_GROUP1


Variable name: AVERAGE_TTD_GROUP1

type: the same of the field with the value;

Calculation type : choose one of them. If you want for example to calculate the average choose average.

Reset type : choose group

Reset group : choose the group. If you have created 2 groups, you need to create 2 variables.

Variable expression : put the field on which you want to create the variable F{TTD}


Then click ok and drug and drop the variable in the group1_footer


Then make the same process for the average of group2 in order to create a variable AVERAGAE_TTD_GROUP2


For the maximun select in calculation tupe instead of average HIGHEST.




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Hallo dpinfo,

this worked fine - thank you for your support. Now I have some problem quite trivial: I want to label these variables. I choosed "Static Text" from the toolbar und dragged a rectangle. But when I click that rectangle to enter a text it disappears?

Kind regards - Ulrich

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