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Formatting problem

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By: Gregory A. Swarthout - gswarthout

Formatting problem

2003-03-24 12:09

This one is better seen than described.


Take a look at these two html files:





In the first one, Ex1.html, the fourth detail item is three lines tall while

all the rest are two lines tall, as they should be. None of the columns

has isStretchWithOverflow set to true.


In the second one, Ex2.html, I have set the City + ", " + State column

to have isStretchWithOverflow="true". A third line now appears as needed,

and also appears on occasion when not needed (details 1, 5, 10). I've

verified that the data itself does not contain any linefeeds or carriage

returns. Interesting to note is that the fourth detail item now fits

into two lines!


Do you have a fix for this/these problem(s)?




PS: Incidentally, I much prefer the way the detail section stretched in

the first example (despite the fact that it shouldn't have). What I mean

is that the background colors of the other columns also stretched, whereas

in the second example, the background colors of the other columns did not

stretch and left "holes" in the report. Which way is it supposed to



If it's supposed to happen as in the first example, could you provide an

attribute that would set a vertical text alignment for stretched columns in

the same manner that you allow for horizontal text alignment?





By: Mark Wilson - markwil

RE: Formatting problem

2003-03-24 12:35

Had exactly this problem. Teodor sent me this, which works (important is stretchType="RelativeToTallestObject"):


Try this detail band:


<band height="20">



<reportElement x="0" y="0" width="800" backcolor="#E4E2E3" height="15"


<printWhenExpression>new Boolean($V{counter}.intValue() % 2 ==



<graphicElement stretchType="RelativeToTallestObject"/>


<textField pattern="">

<reportElement x="0" y="0" width="40" height="15"/>


<font reportFont="Arial_Data"/>





<textField pattern="" isStretchWithOverflow="true">

<reportElement x="60" y="0" width="250" height="15"/>


<font reportFont="Arial_Data"/>





<textField pattern="" isStretchWithOverflow="true">

<reportElement x="330" y="0" width="300" height="15"/>


<font reportFont="Arial_Data"/>





<textField pattern="" isStretchWithOverflow="true">

<reportElement x="650" y="0" width="150" height="15"/>


<font reportFont="Arial_Data"/>









- Mark

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