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iReport eclipse plugin and workspace locations


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I'd like to ask for advice on developing reports using ireport in eclipse environment including cvs repository.


I'd like multiple users to be able to edit and test-run report templates.


Problem is that report templates are retrieved from cvs repository to eclipse workspace.

Workspace location can vary from user to user.

For example my workspace location is "c:/workspace/" while the same projects retrieved

from cvs at my friend's machine are placed in "c:/prj/workspace/".

For sample project including report templates my project location would be like "c:/workspace/myreports".


My report templates use subreports, images and other resources that depend on file path.


Sample subreport expression is set as follows:

subreport expression class: java.io.File

subreport expression: new File($P{baseDir}, "MySubreport.jasper")


baseDir is a master report's parameter of type java.io.File set to a default value of:

new File("c:/workspace/myreports")


This is causing problems since sample report runs fine on my machine (since path points to an existing file) but at my friend's it won't.


How to overcome problem of different workspace locations?



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