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pageHeader and printWhenExpression


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I pass a "isAccountID" variable from Java programme to Jasper reports during the fill time. This is a Boolean parameter.



If the parameter is "true" then I need to display <pageHeader> only for the first page.



But here is the actual problem. I have a subreport in <title> band and I cannot figure out how many pages this subreport takes. So the below code would never work for me





How do I solve my problem? Is there a way to get total number of pages that subreport has taken so that I can add +1 to the returnValue and check the printWhenCondition. But again will this work?


Thank you for your help.



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You can return the number of pages from the subreport:


<variable name="subreportPages" class="java.lang.Integer" calculation="System"/>
<returnValue subreportVariable="PAGE_NUMBER" toVariable="toVariable"/>


You can also take other approaches, e.g. create a dummy group and use its header instead of the page header if you only want it on the first page..




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