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Two subreports in the same two columns


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I'm trying to make a two column report with two subreports one after the other in the same band. As below:



| SubReport1 Hdr | SubReport2 (cont.) |
| report1 row1 | report2 row3 |
| report1 row2 | report2 row4 |
| report1 row3 | report2 row6 |
| -------------- | report2 row6 |
| SubReport2 Hdr | report2 row7 |
| report2 row1 | report2 row8 |
| report2 row2 | |


How would I achieve this? (I'm using jasper reports 1.1.1, and iReport)


The closest I've got is making a 2 column report with the two subreports below each other with position type: float. But in the example above report2 row3 appears level with report2 row1 (as if the two subreports were in different bands) but then report2 row5 starts at the top of the same column and eventually the rows start overwriting themselves.


I'm nearly there, but I'm missing something. Help much appreciated.



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