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Functions from JRXML


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I have couple of queries.

1. I wish to know that, can I call Oracle functions from detail/summery section of JRXML using expressions or other mechanism so that I can use the value returned by function as an element in report/graph.


2. How to add a graph in Title section. I tried but it generates NullPointerException.


Please help.


Thanks in advance

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1) Does the Oracle function you want to call return a set of rows in a cursor, or a single value? We have a sample Oracle specific data set in the Project section of this Forge which can call stored procedures and functions that return cursors. If you really need only a single value it should be fairly easy to take that source and modify it to return a value instead of result set.


If you want to but the value in just the footer you will need a second data set to trigger the call to seperate query, so you will need to put the call to the function in a subreport.


2) Try setting the eval time to "Report". Make sure the data set for the chart isn't empty. (You can use a printWhenExpression to replace the chart with an error message when there are no rows of data.)



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Thanks alot 'bklawans' for your kind response. This gives me some pointers and I will look into more details of sub-reports and eval-time attribute.


I have various functions to call at various positions of report and few returns cursors and others single value like boolean,integer etc.

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