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Initializing parameters


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Can somebody help me to intialize the following parameters in iReports for Jasper reports?


1. Initialise string parameter(java.lang.String)


Report had a parameter called P_IDS(String datatype) which passes a comma separated list. I would like to initialize this parameter to 9999. What should i give in "Default parameter expression" for this? I tried "9999", but it didnt work in the SQL query which has

...empid in ($P!{P_IDS})


If i give as 9999, i get the error 'Cannot convert from int to String)



2. Initialise a date parameter which is passed as String datataype


I would like to initialise date field which is passed as string datatype to report query.

How is this possible to intialise this parameter as "07/01/2006"


How can i initialise a date parameter to beginning year start date (01/01/2006) which is passed as string datatype.


Also i need to intialise the date parameter(java.util.Date) type as today date( without time stamp)


Thanks for ur help.

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