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Changing default values for element properties


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I am going crazy trying to set default values for the following textfield element properties:


Print in first whole band

Print when detail overflows

Print repeated values

Position type


Font size

PDF font

PDF encoding


Vertical align

Stretch with overflow


I have created a default report style, set its default font to Times New Roman and its default PDF font to Times-Roman and its default PDF encoding to CP1252. I have changed the default font in Settings to Times New Roman. I have created a default style in my styles library and set the default font to Times New Roman.


But every time I create a new text field, its font is Sans Serif, 10 point, the PDF font is Helvetica and the PDF encoding is CP1250.


The only way I've found to avoid having to change these settings manually is to copy a style from a properly formatted text field and paste it into the destination field. But this technique doesn't pick up properties such as Position Type, Print in First Whole Band, Print When Detail Overflows and Print Repeated Values. Surely there is an easier way. What am I overlooking?

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