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Sorting on Columns in reports.. crosstab as well


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Hi All,

I want to implement column sorting in my Jasper report.

User should be able to click a column header, and the report sorts on that column


I have a query as a datasource and not able to understand how to get sorting implmented. Please provide inputs on this.

Also I am having crosstab and sorting is to be done for crosstab. I see a crosstab property "Data is presorted" but how does it help me?

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Hi All,

i m using jasperserver till 6 month.

i have seen that static sorting is possible only by applying "Group By"  on query .

can i apply the dinamic sorting by using prompt.

as all colum will show in a single selection list in prompt, by selecting any column from list report would be sort by that column.


can any body help me

please reply


Shabana Khan

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