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Top frame padding ignored when textbox stretches?


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Hi all,

I have a master report with several subreports. My client wants a 72 pixel margin, and a page border on all pages at 36 pixels.


On the master report, I set the margins at 36 pixels, and put a frame in the Background band, with a padding of 36 pixels all around. In effect, this should make it look like there's a 72 pixel margin.


This works great, until a textbox element on one of my subreports is affected by stretch, and continues to the next page.


On that page, instead of respecting the 36 pixel top padding of the frame, the text immediately continues -- so the margin is only 36 pixels, when it needs to be 72.


Is there a better way to do what I'm doing, is this a bug in frame padding, or am I missing a property I can set to force the textbox to respect the frame's top padding before continuing with overflow?


Many thanks,


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Not displaying the bottom/top frame border and padding was the intended behaviour when frames were developed (there is a bug affecting this, but that's not important here).


However, this doesn't seem now consistent to how text field boxes work, and it makes sense to have a flag to decide whether borders and padding should be observed on frame overflow. You can add a feature request for this here.




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