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Reset and Increment Type in Crosstabs?


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I would like to know more about Reset Type and Increment Type which is present in crosstab and how it affects crosstab display.

So far just using the defaults of Reset Type report.



Also if anyone can verify my understanding of the different properties for element :- Print when details overflow, Stretch with Overflow ,and StretchType.


Print when details overflow : -- continues printing the elment in allocated dimensions even if data overflows. This can cause text overlapping if any element is below it.

Stretch with Overflow :-- This causes the cell dimension to change with increse in data content(horiz or vertically??). other adjoining elements in relateive direction will move if Float is enabled else again will lead to overlapping elements



StretchType: - This is applicable only if stretch is selected.

**"Relative to tallest object" will stretch the element to same height as the tallest object anywhere in report gets stretched (which also shud have stretch selected)!!

**What happens if Stretch is not selected and "Stretch with Overflow" is selected??

**"Relative to band height" will stretch this element height as much as the band expands!!

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