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Report layout too complicated?


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I'm stuck at a complex report - maybe I just need an idea how to commence ...


What I'm trying to do:

There is a list of datasets in the details band from the original Report wizard (so the detail and column header & Footer bands are filled).

Now I want to display general information above this "table". To get the data I introduced 3 subreports showing one number each and assigning this number to a variable. But - where do I put this data?


I tried to add it to the header band. Fine - data was displayed. Unfortunatly, the variables where not filled - the content is "null" (the variables are needed to sum up the single numbers from the subreport). I guess, that the calculation and the subreport run are not handled in a top-down order in the report, so that the calculation with the variables is done at a time when there is still no data in the variables.


Can anyone help me, how to design a report like this correctly?

I just need to show some general figures and below this a detailed view of my data.



Thanks for your help!


Kai Schmitte

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