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Print header on each page problem


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I have page design which contains 2 parts (header tree like structure), and content (table like content). For every tree part I have few records. Tree part have to start on separate page, and if the content page is longer than 1 page, it have to repeat (and additionally display sub page numbers; e.g. 1/2)


I've organized the template as master report with 2 subreports. Tree structure subreport is placed in new group header band, while the content subreport is placed in detail band. Both have it's own datasorces.


For the new group I've set: "Start on a new page", and "Print header on each page". As a group expression, it was put $V{REPORT_COUNT}. (This group also had to be "Start on a new column", but no matter I've set it, no break was made, so I've inserted additional dummy group, above this one, to be used as page break). Group subreport have set "Print repeated values".


The content of the (tree) subreport is not important...it is always displayed just once. If I put instead of subreport any static text, or field, it will displayed as it expected (repeated on each page).


Does someone have any suggestion?


P.S. I'm using JaspeReports 1.2.3.

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