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can rtf files be edited?


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I export a report to rtf and then I need to edit a little the file in Word. The problem is that the report contains frames (on right click Word has an option with Format Frame) and I cannot edit anything outside these frames. I mean I can add a text box and write something into it, but I am interested into adding a new page to the file so to write something on the second page of file.

I know, maybe this is not a JasperReports question, but I am interested if there is an option that the rtf file that is generated contains only formatted text. In this way I suppose will be easy to add a new page.


Thank you,


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Yes, that is something that will be nice to have in rtf file generated by JasperReports.

If I understand correct the change is not easy :(.

For solving my problem I think is enough if I could somehow add a second page to the report (my report has only one page) and then the user can add a textbox and introduce text.

I had a look at "Bands larger than one page" and I will try with this suggestion.




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