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problem passing parameters to subreport


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Hello all,


I have a report with 2 subreports.


When i test report or subreports individually, everything is ok and 2 pages are printed.


But when i want to test all of them, a blank page is printed. I think because parameters are not passed from master report to subreports.


Is there anyone that can help me?


This is my code :




private void printCard(List lst) {


Map parameters = new HashMap();



InputStream frontInputStream = getClass().getResourceAsStream("Sub1.xml");

InputStream backInputStream = getClass().getResourceAsStream("Sub2.xml");

InputStream frontBackInputStream = getClass().getResourceAsStream("Master_Report.xml");


JasperDesign frontJasperDesign = JasperManager.loadXmlDesign(frontInputStream);

JasperDesign backJasperDesign = JasperManager.loadXmlDesign(backInputStream);

JasperDesign frontBackJasperDesign = JasperManager.loadXmlDesign(frontBackInputStream);


JasperReport frontJasperReport = JasperManager.compileReport(frontJasperDesign);

JasperReport backJasperReport = JasperManager.compileReport(backJasperDesign);

JasperReport frontBackJasperReport = JasperManager.compileReport(frontBackJasperDesign);




JRDataSource frontBackJRDataSource = new CustomDataSource(lst);

JasperPrint frontBackJasperPrint = JasperManager.fillReport(frontBackJasperReport, parameters, frontBackJRDataSource);

JasperPrintManager.printReport(frontBackJasperPrint, false);



catch(Exception ex) {










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There is something to be noticed :


My master report just containes two subreport elements.


I pass all of the fields to Master and pass them from master to subreports as params.


But i just get a blank page containing nothing.


Although, all of the data are passed to Master






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