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HowTo create OLAP view with parameter/InputControl


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that is a very interesting feature idea. Unfortunately it does not currently exist. Instead you can use the UI to change the MDX interactively as you are viewing the OLAP report. What kinds of things would you want to parameterize via Input Controls if we do implement this feature?



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thank you for your fast response.

We currently use SAP BW and OpenReports for our statistics. Because sometimes SAP BW is not flexible enought we use in some areas OpenReports. But now more and more people want to have OLAP features to analyse data outside of the SAP BW.

Because I'm the BW administrator I always compare your solution (which is very good) with the SAP BW.

The SAB BW datamodel is different from yours. They use a snowflake-schema where the fact-table can have up to 16 dimensions (3 are used by the system). Each dimension ca be a characteristic or a group of characteristics (BW characteristic = JI dimension).

In SAP BW every characteristic can have several variables (single value, interval,...).

So I can design a query with variables that filters the data before the first select to the database. In JasperIntelligence a OLAP view selects all data (if i don't use static filtes in the MDX Query) an I can start filtering the data after the first select.

If I have 5 years data in the cube (10.000.000 rows) and my user only wants to see the last week (10.000 rows) that's not effective and I don't have the possibility to design a OLAP view for every time period.

If I have small cubes it doesn't matter if I always select the whole data but in large environments it's impossible to select all data or to design many OLAP views with static filters.

For me it's not possible to use JasperIntelligence OLAP without Input Controls.

Is it possible to add this feature?

If yes, how long will it take?

Regards Ralf

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