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Crosstab with 3 row groups


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Hi all.


I've been created lots of crostab reports with 2 row groups.

Now I'm trying to create a new one with 3 row groups, but I'm failing.

I'm using iReport 1.2.3. The the crosstab wizard of this program you can only create crosstabs with 2 row groups. So I used the "Row and column groups" tab in the "Crosstab properties" page to add a new group. Unfortunately the textfield I put in the 3rd row header shows a null value.

Now I'm wondering: is it it possible to create a 3 row groups crosstab?


Thanks a lot.





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In iReports if you are in the cross tab designer you will see blank cells where your new data cells need to be. somewhere on your screen there is a tab called Crosstab objects. Take a look at the objects listed. Some of them will be from the new row groups you have added. You can drag the Crosstab objects into the empty cels on the cross tab designer. This gets around the fact that the wizard only asks for 2 groups.


Hope this helps. I struggled with this for quite a while too.

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