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About Band Properties

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: racelike - racelike

About Band Properties

2006-06-29 12:44



What's the difference when you check or uncheck the option "split allowed" on a band property?


I'd like to know if there's a way to control the Detail Band in order to bring more then one selection to it.


I mean, if there's a way to have 3 columns on the detail band, and each one of them having information about 3 lines of a resultset. So on the left I would have information X for person X, on the middle information Y for person Y and on the right information Z for person Z


I at least choosed 3 columns on the report properties, but it doesn't act as I thought. So the whole detail band keeps bringing information from one line of the selection


I'm trying to make a report to generate labels for letters, so the sheet comes with 3 labels per line





By: racelike - racelike

RE: About Band Properties

2006-06-29 12:56

well, i'm sorry for opening this thread


now i understand it, and it works like i thought... just choosing the number of columns...


i still don't know what that "split allowed" option means, but soon i'll understand it





By: ts_chung - ts_chung

RE: About Band Properties

2006-06-30 17:59

i had try to use split allowed also. and the result output is that band starts on a new page

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