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Displaying overflowed field on next page.

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: jas01 - jas01

Displaying overflowed field on next page.

2006-05-25 04:34

I have several fields A1-An on detail band (print when details overflow set false).

Under them starts overflowed field X (Stretch with overflow set TRUE).

When X owerflows to next page, oh the top of page is blank space (of size A1-An in layout definition) and then continue rest of field X.

How to make X continue from the top of the 2-nd page?






By: Rob Karatzas - tutor

RE: Displaying overflowed field on next page.

2006-05-25 04:50



the only way I was able to overcome this:


1. My details are subreports

2. My layout was such that:

a. an illustration was on pg# 1

b. the parts list for the illustration was always to be on pg# 2 (across from the illustration for the part/subassembly/module)

c. WHEN there was NO illustration on page#1, the part list was to appear on pg#1

3. the way I had to do this was:

a. create 2 subreports (for the same thing, ie. parts) and 'toogle' which subreport was to display based on the whether the ilustration is 'null' from the db or not

4. step 2a (subreport) had the page break set.


now I'm pretty sure your scenario is different in that fields A1-An don't start at the top of the page for the details on page#1, is this a correct assumption?


if this is the case, your overflow will always start on the next page at the absolute position given in the design. you may want to consider changing your layout so that your details are coming out of a subreport and change the position setting to 'Float'



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