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How to change decimal and thousand separators

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: Roberto Erausquin - robertoeh

How to change decimal and thousand separators

2006-05-09 13:11



I designed a report but need to change the decimal separator to "." and the thousand separator to ",". iReport is showing the separators like I want them but when I deploy to my application server, its using "," for decimals and "." for thousands

How can I change this settings? Something related to .properties files? How do I set this parameters in my application?

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 I have a same problem with you, but reverse with you. I want to format double value with pattern: commas for decimal separator, and dot for thousand separator. Can you or anyone help me? thanks very much!

Note: i want it still is double value, not change to String, :)

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I think the best solution is to:

  1. set the reporta variable $P{REPORT_LOCALE} and
  2. set the Text field atribute "pattern".

In your case:

  1. Parameter value:  
    $P{REPORT_LOCALE} = new Locale("fr")[/code]


  2. Text field setup:
            <textField pattern="#,##0.00000;-#,##0.00000">                ...                <textFieldExpression><![CDATA[$F{myFieldNumber}]]></textFieldExpression>            </textField>[/code]

List of ISO 639-1 codes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes

Best regards,

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