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hibernate subreport blank

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: jmaiques - jmaiques

hibernate subreport blank

2006-04-19 05:33

I've two reports that work fine by separate

The first is 'master' and the second 'detail'

The detail one has a parameter than is used in de hql.


I'm creating a subreport using detail into master, filling the parameter, everything must be ok but when i run it, the subreport is blank and my console shows this error


2862045 [subRecintosDeUnidad subreport filler] WARN query.JRHibernateQueryExecuter - The supplied org.hibernate.Session object is null.


I'm using Ireport 1.2.1 and jasperreports-1.2.1.jar





By: jmaiques - jmaiques

i've juest solved it !!!

2006-04-21 02:18

The subreports needs a parameter named "HIBERNATE_SESSION" with value expression "$P{HIBERNATE_SESSION}"


That's All ... thanks a lot to Oscar Gomez!!

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Hi ,


I have same problem as u posted.

I have master report(disForm) and subreport(drugAll) both using same table using hibernate

Subreports(drugAll) is running well individually.

when i run the master report(disForm) Master report itself is executing when i run it.

My subreport is not shown.

Can u please help me how to configure them , and parameters to be passed?




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