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PDF Fonts again

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: friedrich_h - friedrich_h

PDF Fonts again

2006-04-07 05:11

I posted this message on the Jasper forum as well, but I think its better posted here:


I do have the same problems with differently rendered PDFs created on Windows and Linux. I went thru the threads here and found many interesting mails regarding this subject.


What I still do not understand is:

- what fonts are being used when

- IReports has fields for: Report font, font name, PDF font

- which one is to be blamed if different PDFs are the result?


Mabye someone can shed some light on this for a newbie.


Best regards







By: cardondenis - cardondenis

RE: PDF Fonts again

2006-04-08 08:26

Hi Friedrich,


I've noticed pdf export just use the "pdf font" information. If you use the jasper viewer, it uses the font field.


Every one computer has quite a lot of fonts installed, but thoses fonts are not always available on target system where the pdf file will be read. I guess the font field can take advantage of all the font on the system while the pdf font field restrict the fonts to the basic pdf font that are shipped with acrobat reader. It is possible to embed fonts in pdf docs, but it makes them much larger, and I'm not sure it is a feature from itext (jasper pdf generation lib).









By: friedrich_h - friedrich_h

RE: PDF Fonts again

2006-04-10 02:24

So how can I make sure that Windows and Linux create the same look and feel of a PDF report - if setting the "pdf font" field does not do that.


cheers friedrich

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