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How to use a simple table

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: Jouhni - jouhni

How to use a simple table

2006-03-27 23:37

Hi there,


I'm a beginner in using iReport and want to create a simple table with fixed column number retrieving its data from a JRDataSource.


I tried to create a new table using the crosstab wizard (because there is no other), but didn't know what to fill in in most cases.


I'm also not sure, whether to place the table in the title or the detail section. Of course, the table shall occur only once on the report, whereas the column names shall be repeated on every new page.


Thankful for any help.







By: cardondenis - cardondenis

RE: How to use a simple table

2006-03-29 06:20

If the datasource contains all the columns that will be in the final report, you don't need crosstab...


If your data really need to be crosstabed, I advise you to first try with a jdbc datasource and look at all the messages on the forum (I recall to have wasted quite a lot of time to get my first crosstab up and running :-)





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