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v1.2:get barcode (not print) on .PDF viewing

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: Rob Karatzas - tutor

v1.2:get barcode (not print) on .PDF viewing

2006-03-23 04:50

hi folks


v1.2 seems to be a decent release (thanks!)


I need to understand how to generate barcode (Free 3 of 9) when using Acrobat as the assigned viewer. Currently, it's only printing text. Default viewer is fine, although .RTF & .HTML ONLY generate a SLIVER of the barcode on the output.








By: Rob Karatzas - tutor

RE: v1.2:get barcode (not print) on .PDF viewing

2006-03-23 04:52

also, should mention that I have purchased the MANUAL, but doesn't say a thing about how this needs to be configured/classpathed/etc.


(don't see ANTYING on how to install the 'Free 3 of 9' font for use with the 'PDF Font Name' property in the designer.)










By: C-Box - c-box

RE: v1.2:get barcode (not print) on .PDF view

2006-03-23 09:08



don't use font's this is very nasty when at different environments. (it works but but you must add it to your font dir within iReport - put this dir to the classpath and so on...)


Better use the builtin Barbeque Tool! There you can place an "Barcode Element" with IReport in your Band... afterwards doubleClick on it and change the attributes to your needs... set the type of "Code 39" and set the width to "1" (either it becomes very ugly fat output)... so just try a bit... works great for me too!



C-Box (Germany) :-)

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