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Is XMLA feature in IR-JI plugin functional??


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By: sure919 - sure919

Is XMLA feature in IR-JI plugin functional??

2006-07-27 03:13

Hi, I have installed IReport 1.2.4 with JI plugin, I get "MEP, Not yet implemented" message once i check all options. Can anyone help



By: T Kavanagh - tkavanagh

RE: Is XMLA feature in IR-JI plugin functiona

2006-07-28 16:35

Hi, you are definitely getting a configuration error. I assume you are using the older 0.9.2 product?


One thing I would suggest is updating to the most current jasperserver / jasperintelligence 1.0.1.


If you run either the linux or windows installer, it will install a pre-configured iReport (with JI plugin) on your machine. So, all you would have to do is startup jasperintelligence and iReport and then follow the steps in the jasperintelligence-user-guide.pdf (from the docs directory or download from online site) to create a connection from iReport to jasperintelligence.


This is really just a matter of pointing to the web service location http://localhost:8080/jasperserver/services/repository and give a username/password (tomcat/tomcat or jasperadmin/<your-installed-password>


The user guide also mentions this potential error, and mentions that you need to have a valid username/password as well as having the correct URL (mentioned above).


Also, iReport currently will not allow you to create an xmla connection. This would be done in the jasperintelligence application itself.

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