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Connetion to jasper from External reporting


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By: mardaraj - mardaraj

Connetion to jasper from External reporting

2006-07-18 06:27

Hi all,


I am working on a Reporting Project. We are using Jasper Server 0.9.2. I am trying to write a java program which should have the following functionality.

* This should be a stand alone java program.

* There must be a method to login to the jasper by giving username/password.

* There must be a method to fetch all the users/roles created in jasper server.


Basically i need to login and get details from jasper server from a different application.

I could not find any help or sample code in any of the forums since last 2-3 days.


Can you help me ? It will be really helpful if you can provide any links or sample code.


thanks and







By: T Kavanagh - tkavanagh

RE: Connetion to jasper from External reporti

2006-07-26 13:38



Unfortunately, there is not any straight-forward source code example for this.


However, there is the jasperserver-ireport plugin code and this code does the same thing as what you would like to do. Take a look as the WSClient.java module.


You would be able to collect information from jasperserver via the web services interface.

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