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Reports encodeing


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By: Alen - alenb

Reports encodeing

2006-07-16 00:45

I have reports that contains some special croatian fonts (ISO-8859-2), but report server wont't show them. Report is created with iReport 1.2.0 using UTF-8 encodeing... Export to pdf/rtf looks fine but not in html.

(Sorry on my bad english!)



By: David Lukas - dlukas

RE: Reports encodeing

2006-07-16 06:44

I have the same experience with JasperServer 1.0.1. iReport (1.2.4) displays the html preview ok, but the report server puts question marks (?) where the central European characters are. The pdf, xls or rtf generated by iReport as well as by the server is ok, only html is corrupted.


JasperServer also processes incorrectly the accented characters in labels and descriptions for objects in repository.

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