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By: Drooler - bhaugland


2006-07-10 05:41

I am running jasper intelligence on a JBoss Server.


I have tried setting user and role security on objects but it does not seem to have any affect.


Is there something missing from the documentation for setting up JBoss. I have been having trouble with the security with this setup.





By: Drooler - bhaugland

RE: Security

2006-07-10 07:39

I noticed that you can change no access to Administer. That helps.


I have also notice that when the user lists all from the repository the security seems to be working. However when they list Reports from the repository all the reports are listed.


Have you noticed the same thing?



By: Herbert Augustiny - haugusti

RE: Security

2006-07-10 05:51

I am having the same problem but I'm using Tomcat & mysql as distributed with the windows installer.


I have also tried to add the "No access" right directly to the user, but it doesn't help.


An other Problem is, that once the "No access" right is assigned to a user, I can't change it back to "None set"





By: Sherman Wood - sgwood

RE: Security

2006-07-12 06:16


Thanks for getting into this. You came across two bugs.


One is that the Report and OLAP view lists are not respecting security. I have a fix for that that I will get out in the next week.


The other is that the object permission user interface is rough. Try going to another screen and coming back - you probably will be able to chnage the permission values. This is going to take a bit of work to improve.







By: Herbert Augustiny - haugusti

RE: Security

2006-07-14 01:32

I have tried several things to change the access rigt of my test user back to "none set" including loging out and back in to the jasperserver, without success.

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