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Conditional Formatting

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: Sacha - netclick22

Conditional Formatting

2006-03-02 07:14


i need to format font of one field if a condition is satisfied.

For example I have the field code.

If the field code is equal to 1 another field have to be bold. How can I solve this problem?


Thks for help.







By: AllRightyThen - mbruner_earj

RE: Conditional Formatting

2006-03-07 11:24

To do this, copy the field that needs to be bold if a condition is met. Then paste right on top of itself. Make this field Bold. Under conditionl printing, put new Boolean $F{fieldcode} = new Integer("1")


I'm sort of new so you might have to play around with the conditional formatting some.

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