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running Java code before report


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By: Ben - bglazier

running Java code before report

2006-07-10 13:16



I have an ireport automatically generated from Java code passing in parameters.


Now I want to report to be accessible from the Jasper Server.


Can anyone tell me what I need to do to run the code prior to generating the report and how to pass the parameters in.


many thanks.



By: T Kavanagh - tkavanagh

RE: running Java code before report

2006-07-11 16:13

Hi Ben,


I am presuming that you generated a jrxml format file. This is the basis for adding a report to jasperserver. If you take a look at the User Guide which is available in the install-dir docs directory and also on the web site under the docs link.


When creating input parameters (ie to prompt users for input) the names of the jasperserver input paramters needs to match the name that is given to the parameter in the jrmxl you created.



By: Ben - bglazier

RE: running Java code before report

2006-07-12 13:51

Thanks for your help.


I managed to do what I needed using Scriplets instead of a Java program.


Now I have different problem...


Thanks again.

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