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Problem with Database Access!!


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By: schneewittchen - schneexy4

Problem with Database Access!!

2006-06-15 02:04



I have a Problem with the database access.. when I want to do a report query (Sql) in iReport I only see the message: "Executing Sql-Query " but nothing happens.. when I test the database connection iReports tells me :Connection test successfully...


I use iReport 1.2.2 and Adabas D Database and the JasperServer.. a few months ago I tested an earlier version of iReport and there were still no problems with the database.. any ideas?


Thanks a lot..



By: T Kavanagh - tkavanagh

RE: Problem with Database Access!!

2006-06-27 07:32

You could load the report into JasperServer (ie follow the user guide steps on creating a Report Unit) and then see if you can get it to work there. You will also need to look at the configuration settings for JasperServer in order to make the Adabas D db work. You can take a look at the Installation Guide for notes on db configuration.



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