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Date format problem

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: Dharmendra Sharma - dkumar_sharma

Date format problem

2006-01-05 14:53

Hi All,


I have a parameter which takes value as "mm/dd/yyy" in string. I need to format the date as dd/mm/yyyy or dd/mmm/yyyy.


I am trying as below

new SimpleDateFormat("mm/dd/yyyy").parse($P{shdate}).toString()



but its giving me wrong value and format also is not as indicated. Please some one help on this.


thanks & regards,






By: TBG - thebiggunner

RE: Date format problem

2006-02-09 07:07


Try this.


new SimpleDateFormat("mm/DD/yyyy').format($P{shdate})







By: propsystem - propsystem

RE: Date format problem

2006-02-22 23:10

i got this error msg when i put this declaration in Textfield Expression:


new SimpleDateFormat("mm/DD/yyyy").format($P{TARIKH_HINGGA})



error msg:Cannot format given Object as a Date

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