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Text at end of report

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: jem11 - gigio11

Text at end of report

2006-02-15 11:27

Hi everybody.


I have to write a text at the end of a report, but sometimes this text appears alone in a new page, how can i avoid this?, if the text is going to be printed alone the past line has to jump with de text in de new page.


Or how can i know who is the detail element that will be prtinted last?









By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Text at end of report

2006-02-15 14:54

this is because the summary band can span on a new page.

If the text is fixed, you can use the last page footer band instead.







By: jem11 - gigio11

RE: Text at end of report

2006-02-16 12:16

Thanks for your answer, but i want the text just after the last line so i put it in the column footer setion and i set to true de is floating column footer propertie, but this band doesn´t grow dinamically so in all the pages appears the blank space correspondig to the column footer, how can i make that the column footer band grows dinamically?





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