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Bold Text

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: Diogo Oliveira - diogosales

Bold Text

2006-02-10 02:59

Is there any way to a piece of text to take up the same space as that very same piece of text, but bold-styled? Or is this font-specific?


Thanks in advance.


PS - I need to do this with arial.





By: Josh - wildbrows

RE: Bold Text

2006-02-12 21:19

Are you trying to do dynamic formatting? (where you want text to be bold in some cases, and not bold in others?) If so, look at the tip here: http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/tips.tricks.html#formatting


The latest version of JasperReports - 1.2.0 has something called conditional styles, which might do what you want, but the current version of iReport doesn't support that feature yet. According to the roadmap, though, iReport 1.2.0 is supposed to be out at the end of this month.





By: -JE- - julegner

RE: Bold Text

2006-02-13 07:21

activate the funktion "Is styled Text" of the Textfield and then use HTML-Styletags inside the Text. If you need to change the textstyle in some cases, use if-then-else "if?then:else"





By: Diogo Oliveira - diogosales

RE: Bold Text

2006-02-13 09:46

What I mean to do is to activate (or somehow simulate) some sort of kerning feature, i.e. set my own character spacing. I can only find line spacing.

Anyone? Thanks again.

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