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How do I use a File CSV Datasource?

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: joeF - joefloede

RE: How do I use a File CSV Datasource?

2006-01-03 14:45

I am evaluating iReport 0.5.1 and I have setup a File CSV datasource in the Connections Properties dialog. I am able to setup the datasource and it tests ok for a connection test.


I set the active connection to my new datasource - that seems to work ok. But I go to create a new Report Query (I figure I need to do something like - select * from file.csv - in order to parse and bring the data into iReports) and I get The active connection is not of type JDBC. Activate a JDBC connection first. as an error message.


I can't find any documentation on how to actually use a File CSV datasource.


I don't think this is the same as the custom JRDataSource as shown in the tutorial - part 4. The File CSV datasource seems to be a new feature for iReports (like XML file datasources).


Has anyone tried this?








By: coren_ita - coren_ita

RE: How do I use a File CSV Datasource?

2006-02-07 02:36

I've got the same problem. does anyone have a solution?

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Can you elaborate on the issue you are facing?

I created a sample student report with student csv... if you send me your email I can forward it along.  Basically all I did was to click on the datasource button and add new CSV data source, then I selected my CSV file.  It read the fields from the datasource into iReport then I just used it. 



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Anybody able to get charts working with csv datasource ?

I select the csv datasource, and chose a column 3d chart, and set the series, category and value expressions, under DataSet->data.


After i compile and preview the chart in a pdf, i see that, the chart displays only for a single row of data from csv and not all the rows. Anybody know if im missing something here.

SampleCsv data,CounterName	       CounterValueCounter	                   8Counter                    9Counter 	          10Chart DataSet, Data Expressions :Series Expression$F{CounterName}Category Expression$F{CounterName}Value Expressionnew Integer(Integer.valueOf($F{CounterValue}.trim()))Problem: The chart displays just once bar with value 10, instead of 3 bars.
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