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Using my own class in a report

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: cyclistca - cyclistca

Using my own class in a report

2006-01-27 11:20

Ok another new Java/iReport newbie here. I've created a Java report. For one of the variables that I have defined I want to call a class that I have created.


I used the following syntax in iReports in the "Initial value expression".


new String (TimeSheetReportHelper.GetTest($P{P1},$P{P2},$P{P3}))


I've placed the class TimeSheetReportHelper in the same folder as my report source.


The Class looks like this.


public class TimeSheetReportHelper {

static String TestCD;


public static String getTest(String P1, String P2, String P3) {


TestCD = P1 + P2 + P3;

return (TestCD);





When I compile I get the following error


The method GetTest(String, String, String) is undefined for the type


value = (java.lang.String)(new String (TimeSheetReportHelper.GetTest(((java.lang.String)parameter_UNIT_ID.getValue()),((java.lang.String)parameter_EMPLOYEE_ID.getValue()),((java.lang.String)parameter_SUBUNIT_ID.getValue()))));


In practice it will be doing a lot more. I'm trying to understand how to set this up first.

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