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Change color of a row

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: feryshirano - feryshirano

Change color of a row

2006-01-03 10:29

Hello to everybody!!!I have no idea if I can do a condition like this -> if var > 5000, setbackgroundcolor(Color.red). How can I change de color of the row, in this codition?





By: Oliver Heilmann - devolution32

RE: Change color of a row

2006-01-17 10:09



I did a simple trick to achive this. Just double all your fields in the row and move the copies at the exact same coordinates as the original ones. Change to the parameters of the copies (the element browser can help to identify the fields), set the background color you like and add a 'Print when expression' like the following one:


new Boolean($V{NewDepartment_COUNT}.intValue() % 2 == 0)


I hope this will help you!





By: feryshirano - feryshirano

RE: Change color of a row

2006-01-17 16:34


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