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External TrueType PDF Font

2004 IR Help

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By: timtas - timtassonis

External TrueType PDF Font

2004-09-23 02:09


I want to use a special Font installed in Windows.

At the font properties of the text field, I can select the font as "Font Name". In the Box PDF Font Name, the font does not appear, however there is the option "External TTF font...". But if I select this, the box "TrueType font" is empty.


What do I have to do, to get my font into this list, so it will be used in the generated PDF?


This is on Windows NT, btw.









By: timtas - timtassonis

RE: External TrueType PDF Font

2004-09-27 02:20

So, I found the relevant code in FontListLoader.java:


public static Vector loadTTFFonts()


Vector fonts = new Vector();

String path = System.getProperty("java.class.path");

//path += System.getProperty("path.separator") + "C:\winnt\fonts";


The commented line would load the fonts from the system location. So, I manually added c:winntfonts to CLASSPATH, in ireport2.bat, and bingo, the fonts loaded OK in the "TrueType font" box!

So, there is probably no portable way to do this, one just has to add the font directory to the CLASSPATH?




But it is...

To me, it seems that the "Font Name" select box lists all system installed fonts (I can select it from there), but the TrueType font goes to some other source that has no entry at all on my installation. It is completely empty, whereas the "Font Name" is full of all my local fonts.





By: it-xman - it-xman

RE: External TrueType PDF Font

2004-09-27 01:28

It should not be empty. Please make sure that you actually installed the font into windows NT because it follows the system font.





By: jane_lim - jane_lim

RE: External TrueType PDF Font

2005-09-30 01:57

I encounter the same problem ...


to enable iReport support chinese word, i copy the simhei.ttf from C:WINDOWSFonts to C:iReport-0.5.1fonts


after i restart my iReport,

Font Name: SimHei

PDF Font Name: External TTF font ..


but the TrueType Font blank ....


m sure i have installed the font in my windows, cos i copy the font from there to iReport font ...


when i open the xml, i found the pdfFontName="',

i need to manually set pdfFontName="C:WINDOWSFontssimhei.ttf" in order can compile and see the chinese word in pdf ..


Is this a bugs?? i search online, a lot people encounter same problem .....









By: C-Box - c-box

RE: External TrueType PDF Font

2005-09-30 05:57

Uhh guys... I'm sure having post the solution to that problem some days ago in that forum... just use the SEARCH FUNCTION with keywords "external font" ... and voilá´he second entry gives you the solution:






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