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Impossible to add series

2004 IR Help

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By: Maxim - lazy-max

Impossible to add series

2004-10-11 09:00

Why I can't to add more series with iReport 0.4.0?

Button "Add Serie" disabled, why?





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Impossible to add series

2004-10-11 10:22


You have all you need:


you have three fields


1. X axis

2. Y axis

3. Number of serie


Please note that iReport use for now only CategoryDataset (see JFreeChart docs for more details about difference between XYDataset and CategoryDataset).









By: koalaffbg - koalaffbg

RE: Impossible to add series

2005-03-10 07:06

Yes, But I don't really understand

say I want to show how many males and females per month registered to some service.


are the meaning of the three fields the following:


1. X axis: serie of "couple of numbers" : {number of males, number of females}

2. Y axis: serie with {January}, {February}, ..., {December}

3. Number of serie ?. here it would be two right ? one for male and one for female.



and if so, how do I create a serie of "couple of numbers" (I've tried addValueToSerie(my_master_serie, my_couple _of_numbers), my_couple_of_numbers being a serie itself, that I constructed by adding values to as many series as there are months.


I hope I'm being understood, and someone has the answer.






By: Francisco Rosa Santana - casperbox

RE: Impossible to add series

2005-05-11 05:58

Hi, my name is Francisco and I'm having the same problem that you had with adding series in a chart with the iReport tool. I want to know if you?ve solved the problem.


I'm trying to make a bar chart with three series and five categories, and I don't know how can I pass the data. Could you help me with this doubt?

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