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count and average (avg) in group footer

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By: subsphoto - sunsphoto

count and average (avg) in group footer

2004-12-29 02:09

Dear all


I have the following problem!


Detail records


A 10

A 20

B 40

B 20


group 1


A 30

B 60


group 2

v${gp2_amt} v${gp2_avg_amt}

6 30


In group 1 band

I create a variable V${gp1_amt} in group 1 footer which is sum() on field "amt" in detail band. It is correct and give 30 for "A" and then 60 for "B"


In the group 2 band

I want to count number of total in group in 1.

I create a variable V${gp2_amt} in group 2 footer.

The variable is count() on group 1 variable V${gp1_amt}

I expect to get 2 in V${gp2_amt} but I get 6


I also want to get the average total amt in group 1.

I thus create a variable V${gp2_avg_amt} in group 2 footer. The field is avg() on group 1 variable V${gp1_amt}.

I expect to get 45 in V${gp2_avg_amt} but I get 30


Can anyone help?

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