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How to compare with 2 records?

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By: .::darkris:.:. - darkris

How to compare with 2 records?

2004-12-10 19:31

i face a problem that i have to compare a field in current record with the one in previous,in order to prevent the same value been shown duplicately in next loop?


simply speaking,i want so show the Vendor name(for example)only once in the first record,and hide it while loop,until the Vendor name has changed.


could any one here help me?





By: sst_marvin - sst_marvin

RE: How to compare with 2 records?

2004-12-12 13:51

sounds like you want to use report groups.

create a new report group called 'vendorName' with a group expression of $F{< vendorName >}.


In the report layout, include the field for vendor name in the 'vendorName' group and also move the headers in this group. Keep the other data fields in the 'detail' band as normal.


this should display your report by vendor name, separated w/ vendor name headers.



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