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iReport on Eclipse

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By: Darren Hartford - binarymonk

iReport on Eclipse

2004-12-09 06:11

I'm not one of the primary developers of iReport, but a heavy user and occasional contributor and bug/enchancement requestor.


For those people that want to move to JasperAssistant because it integrates with Eclipse, good for you. I applaud you supporting JasperAssistant as (most of) those people that sell JasperAssistant are the same people that built JasperReports in the first place.


For those that would like to see iReport become an Eclipse plugin (+1 here, with reservations), recommend you take a look at the great work that has been put into iReport and see how much you can port to Eclipse to help move toward that goal.


Then, you will also have some other people complaining that it should also do NetBeans. There are some articles on building cross-IDE plugins between these two, but their pretty specific as to what can be cross-built, and other things that may need to be built twice and maintained twice.


I for one am glad that iReport exists in the first place, and applaud all the contributors for their great work to this excellent open source project, regardless if it is the working stand-alone that it is now, or plugin to future IDE's. :-)









By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: iReport on Eclipse

2004-12-09 06:20


Hi Darren


On ireport development Mailing List we are talking about the future of iReport as plugin for someone IDE.

We are evaluating the possibility to switch on NetBeans Platform.


But seems that a lot of people use Eclipse, so for now iReport will remain a standalone application, usable for user that are Eclipse fun, NetBeans fun and JEdit funs.


Only a think I don't understand. Why all must be integrated in this world?


I don't want make a choise (NetBeans or Eclipse).

Personally I use NetBeans, but only for the great support on GUI development (IMHO the best).


Anyway the best should be a redesign of iReport to help the integration in an IDE, creating a set of services to make easy embed it into a plugin-wrapper.



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