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iReport vs. JasperAssistant

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By: Michael Angelo - mangelo123

iReport vs. JasperAssistant

2004-12-08 12:04

Has anyone used JasperAssistant? Of course I would love to use iReport for free...and possibly donate...rather than shell out $90 for JasperAssistant, but I am having so much trouble with iReport. I can't change font size. Just doesn't change and leaves boxes on the screen. That "now" vs. "Now" problem. JasperAssistant integrates right into Eclipse too.


Anyone have any opinions before I shell out the $$$$$ for JasperAssistant?









By: C-Box - c-box

RE: iReport vs. JasperAssistant

2004-12-08 13:12

Well I use IReport for 6 month now, and of course there are some troubles from time to time with a new release, but they were fixed relative shortly after they appear... and because of the open sourcecode you also could fix the problem by yourself.


I don't know how you change the fontsize, in my release (0.4.0) it's working fine... and for the now vs. Now problem are many postings and workarounds (and it's also fixed already in current CVS-version) about it.


So I stay with iReport! Amen!







By: Darren Hartford - binarymonk

RE: iReport vs. JasperAssistant

2004-12-09 06:02

quick response - been using iReport since version 2.2, and have been satisfied with this open source solution to report design for JasperReports. Also a user of Crystal Reports, so needless to say pretty hard competition and still sticking with iReport/JasperReports for simpler reporting needs.


As for your font change sizes, with .4.0 recommend you 'swap tabs' to cause the change-events to happen (otherwise nothing happens), or use the ^A, vA toolbar buttons.







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: iReport vs. JasperAssistant

2004-12-09 06:11


Hi Michael,


JasperAssistant is a good product. I think that it's too JasperReports oriented. My idea for iReport is that there is many fields that a reporting tool must cover, not only generate the XML. For this reason iReport offers much additional tools like the massive compiler, the charting feature, advanced scriptlet support, helper to create totals, page numbers, etc...


An ideal iReport user check often the CVS. I.e. iReport already supports all features of JR 0.6.3, already provide a special tool to localize reports, to handle imports, to draw a border for images and textfields, to do a lot of things that iReport 0.4.0 don't do yet. It's all in CVS.


Normally iReport supports all new JasperReports features after two or three days after the new JR release. But a new release of iReport every two weeks is not positive for users that should update too frequently your tool. It has sense upgrade from when you see that a blocking problem was solved.


Good choice!







For the end of this month will be available the iReport official guide (180 pages, 35$), and iReport




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