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Passing SQL query parts

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By: Tim Riemann - octoate

Passing SQL query parts

2004-12-02 01:39

Hi all,

I currently have the problem that I have to add filters dynamically into my SQL statement. It should be possible to do this via the $P!{parameter} element, but if I add this into the ReportQuery in iReport it isn't possible to press the "OK" button (Syntax error in SQL query).

Here is an example for that:


SELECT u.field1 FROM user u WHERE field0=$P{oe}

AND usergroup_cd=$P{usergroup_cd} AND usergroup_c=$P{usergroup_c}



$P!{additionalSQL} can contain an empty String or something like this: "AND time_begin < 1849357389"


Any ideas?








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Passing SQL query parts

2004-12-02 08:59


Set a default value for the parameter additionalSQL, i.e. "".







By: Tim Riemann - octoate

RE: Passing SQL query parts

2004-12-03 03:56

Thanks a lot, this is exactly what I meant =).

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