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Subreport blank

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By: stoichkov - stoichkov

Subreport blank

2004-12-02 05:51

Hello, I have a master report with a subreport that contains another subreport. I modify the query editing the .jrxml, as I can't press ok when modify, but the queries do work alone. Using 0.4.0


From the master call, the Subreport has $P{REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP}, $P{REPORT_CONNECTION}, and Subreport (other) has $P{SUBREPORT_FILE_NAME} and the parameter P_code with the value from query $F{CODE}.


I have defined the parameter P_code with default $F{CODE} as BigDecimal, and SUBREPORT_FILE_NAME

with default "D:\iReport-0.4.0\exp2.jasper" as String. Both checked the is for prompting, although the code comes from the query


The master produces a pdf with the data wanted, but the data of the subreports doesn't appear...


Thanks in advance





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Subreport blank

2004-12-02 08:58

You can't set as default value for a parameter a field, but you can bind dinamically a master expression to a subreport parameter.


remove the $P{REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP}, and leave blank this field.


In the Subreport (other) add a parameter in the subreport parameter list, set as name the name of the parameter in the subreport (i.e. P_code), and as parameter expression: $F{CODE}.



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