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iReport 0.4.0 Parameters

2004 IR Help

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By: Graham Pearson - gspearson

iReport 0.4.0 Parameters

2004-11-30 08:53

I am a new user of iReport and have a report which compiles correctly without a parameter. Now I am wanting to add a parameter to limit the results. Following the video tutorial works up to the point of adding $P{name} to my sql query and after clicking on Read Fields, I get an error message which states.


General problem: Sourced file: inline evaluation of : ''bshCalculator.evaluate(832);" : nullCheck username and password;. is the DBMS active ?!


The video tutorials have been written for 0.2.2 and instructions do not work for iReport 0.4.0.







By: Graham Pearson - gspearson

RE: iReport 0.4.0 Parameters

2004-11-30 10:52

With this issue, I am getting the following message in the iReport window:


Kindergarten_Report_Card.java:829: inconvertible types

found : int

required: java.lang.Integer

value = (java.lang.Integer)(4945);


This same message is also on lines 1397 and 1965





By: 16N4C10 - jignacio

RE: iReport 0.4.0 Parameters

2004-12-01 04:24

Try this:

add a default value for the parameter, example for a double parameter -> new Double('1')

then add the parameter to the query as

... = $P!{parameter_name}

This worked properly for me.

good luck!





By: Graham Pearson - gspearson

RE: iReport 0.4.0 Parameters

2004-12-01 06:16

Let me make sure I am doing this correctly. Under Report Parameters I have:


Parameter name site_id

Parameter Class java.lang.Integer

Default value expression 4945



Then under the Report Query, I have my SQL Query which in the where clause I have


and users.site_id = $P!{site_id}



In the report parameter if I remove the default value, I will get a message that states please set a default value for the parameter 'site_id' which is what I expect. However if I put in 4945 as the default value I get the DBMS error message.





By: Erik Tennant - tennant

RE: iReport 0.4.0 Parameters

2004-12-01 14:53

I'm getting the same error, although a slightly different flavor. For a Long, if I put a default value in of 1, I get the exact same nullCheck message. If I remove the default, or change the default to say something like new Long (1) then I get a message saying "Non Supported SQL92 token at position:74"


I'm going against Oracle, if that makes a difference.


Did you try using something like new Integer(4945) for a default? What message does it give you then?







By: Erik Tennant - tennant

RE: iReport 0.4.0 Parameters

2004-12-02 08:49

It looks like my issue turned out to be from mismatched casing between what I put in the Parameter dialog and what I used in the SQL Query. (Field_id and $P!{Field_Id} )

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